Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Still without electricity

So here is the deal. Every month we pay our landlord a lump sum with our rent, electricity, water and cable. We went to the electric company and found out that our bills have not been paid for the last 3 months. But we've been paying. Which means our landlord has been taking our money and keeping it. We found our reciepts that says we've paid, so thank goodness we found those. We also discovered that what we have been paying our landlord has been much higher than the actual amount of energy we've been consuming.

Marina, Tania and Dinora are all staying at other places while their friends our out of town. It was going to be nice to have the house to myself for the week, but now its just hot, dark and lonely!

Its not terrible living without electricity- just a litte hot, and my hair is a little wild. I hope, though, that this will get resolved soon!


Anonymous said...

Oh man Karen, that totally stinks!! I got a nice chuckle about your wild hair though... thanks for that one :)


Katie said...

Hi Karen,
It looks like God is giving you a break with the weather. 79 is pretty nice for Honduras...right?