Tuesday, September 7, 2010

All alone

Today was our first chapel of the year. We are making it different this year, so that it's more like a kids service instead of a youth service. This year our chapel is with 4th, 5th, and 6th grade instead of just 5th and 6th. I have a set character, Shelsea the Cheerleader. Every few weeks my character will come to chapel to do something silly. Today I came to help with the memory verse and it sure weas fun. I'm wearing my cheer uniform from high school which is a bit too tight and a bit too short, but it makes for a good character!

The lesson was about God giving us a new heart. We had a fun drama about a heart surgery. The nurse took out the disobedient heart of stone that likes to disobey and be mean, and gave a new heart of flesh that obeys and loves Jesus.

We have chapels in the morning at the church, which is 2 blocks away from the school. On Monday when I reminded them about going to chapel, I made a big deal about how the would be all alone if they came to school. I went on and on for 5 minutes about how horrible it is to be alone at the school when everyone else is having fun at chapel.

Hector's assistant, Mr. Gabriel, wasn't there for my "all alone" speech. Later on he was asking me about chapel and where we are supposed to go. "Oh yeah," I told him, "sorry you missed my speech about that in the morning." "No, I didn't miss it," he told me, "one of the boys sat me down and told me that if I forget and come to school I will be alone. And if I'm all alone it will be the most horrible thing in the world.".

Everyone got the message loud and clear. No one was all alone this morning at school- all 28, plus Mr. Gabriel were in chapel having fun. :)

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