Friday, August 6, 2010

One week left

I enjoy the slow pace I live at while I'm at home.  I was talking with my mom and comparing the speed of life in Honduras to a swimmer.  In a race you go as long as you can without taking your head out for air, and when you do, you get just enough to keep you going.  My trips home are like that breath of air!!  I am constantly on the go with church and school, and when I come home to Ohio, life suddenly goes into slow motion.  I'm heading back to Honduras Friday the 13th, but before that, busy life will kick into gear again!  I'm taking the GRE on Tuesday, flying to Maryland on Wednesday, flying to Texas on Thursday, and back to Honduras on Friday. Yeah, like I said, I'm in for a busy week!!

 In order to stay teacher certified, I have to have 150 continuing education hours by 2013.  As of today, I have 0.  Each class has a fee attached, and I haven't had the time to go to Texas and take any classes.  I have decided the best option is to enter a masters program, where each credit hour will count as 15 continuing education hours.  That way the time and money I spend to renew my licence will go to an even higher education.

In studying for the GRE I've realized how terrible my vocabulary is.  Out of the 250 words that I've studied so far, I know 20.  Not great.  But I am bilingual, if that counts for anything!

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