Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Not so joyous packing

Well the GRE was a great success!  I am very pleased with my results, as I scored average on the national scale, and slightly above average for those trying to get into my program.  I am 2 days away from my journey back to Honduras.  People have asked if it's a very long flight, and actually it's quite short.  It's only 2 hours from Houston, and since I live in the city where the airport is, it's only a quick 30 minute drive to my house from the airport.  I am in the last minute packing stages, which is not fun at all.  I only get to put 50 pounds of stuff in each bag, which adds up quick!  I only weigh 107 lbs, and have come to the realization that if they are going to do bags by weight, they should weigh the person too, so it is more fair.  Both bags weigh 53 pounds right now, and I'm all ready to plead my case tomorrow so that  I don't have to take those extra 3 pounds out of each suitcase.  My brother-in-law has been extremely helpful in rationalizing what things can wait to bring, but I'm still planning on going with the weight strategy.

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Kim said...

I am sure my stuff is part of the problem. haha. Thanks for helping us out though. I always put my super heavy items in my carry-on. They never weigh that. And I carry an oversized purse. You are allowed a personal bag (purse) and a carry-on...Maybe that will help.
-Your fellow missionary, Kim