Saturday, August 7, 2010

The joys of packing

The only thing I'm worried about in all of this travel is forgetting something.  I have a tendency to forget things when I travel, whether it be my toothbrush, passport, money, or luggage.  Yes, I did say luggage.  Right before I moved to Honduras in 2008, I decided to visit friends and family that I wouldn't be seeing in awhile.  My plan was to drive 2 hours from Longview, TX to Dallas, and visit friends there, and then fly to Iowa and Las Vegas.  I was all ready to go, had everything packed, and even double checked to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything.  I carried my suitcases down the stairs, went outside, and took off to Dallas. I was 30 minutes away from my friend's house in Dallas when I felt like I was missing something.  I pulled over and I was right.  My suitcases were not in the car.  They were at the bottom of the stairs.  Somehow the heavy lifting threw me off, and I thought I had hurled them into the trunk, when I actually hadn't.  I thought forgetting EVERYTHING would have cured me from forgetting the small things.  But it hasn't.  So if you think about me this week, you can pray that everything that is supposed to go with me will actually make it.

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