Monday, August 9, 2010


The big day has arrived! Tomorrow I'm taking the GRE.  I am banking on math, because my vocabulary is currently less than adequate.  Let me explain to you how my studying brought me to this conclusion.  My sister let me borrow her "GRE Exam Vocabulary Flashcards" to study with my dad on our trip from Maryland to Ohio. I read the word and tried to guess it's meaning.
 Here's how it went:
Me: Ersatz
My dad (First correcting my pronunciation): Oh, Karen, you know what that means!
Me: No, I've never heard of the word.
My dad: It's something fake, like an imitation.
Me. Oh.  Next word: Erudite.
My dad (Again, correcting my pronunciation): Oh, but you know what this one means!
Me: Nope, no clue.
My dad: It's someone learned and scholarly

The vocabulary book has 500 words.  This conversation took place for just about every word. Not great, I know.  But we did learn that if my dad were the one taking the GRE he would do awesome!!  Thats why my strategy for taking this test was to focus on what I AM good at.  I've been brushing up on all the math I haven't used in the past few years so that I can really shine when it comes to that section. We'll see how it all goes tomorrow!

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