Friday, August 13, 2010

Back in Honduras

Ready for the numbers?  My 2 bags ended up being 51 pounds each, and the nice people at Continental Airlines allowed them to go through.  My carryon was a whopping 45 pounds!  Thank goodness it is never weighed, because it is only supposed to be 35 pounds.  You should have seen me try to put it in the overhead bins.  I lifted it up to about my waist before my arms started shaking.  I struggled for a couple minutes trying to lift it on both flights until someone offered to help.  Then the saw that I wasn't just a weak little girl, but I actually did have  a really heavy bag!  It's nice to be back, although it is always hard to leave.  My 4 1/2 weeks spent at home were wonderful.  My roommates have been catching me up on everything that has gone on since I've been gone, and told me the great news that teachers don't have to go back on Wednesday!  So it looks like I get a longer vacation after all!

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Anonymous said...

Great job of keeping us up to date-dad