Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Grandpa's Views

My grandfather is 94 years old and always gives me an interesting perspective on life.  He is shocked that I continue to commit to living in Honduras because he finds the heat unbearable, and can't fathom that I would serve people other than my fellow Americans.  He was asking me if there is much poverty in the city that I live in, and I was explaining to him that there are "pockets" of poverty everywhere.  I might drive down the street and just before the nice grocery store, see slums.

After telling him that I usually give my leftover food or drink from a restaurant to a poor person begging on the street, he was appalled.  "What if you were sick? What if you coughed on the food? They use the same straw? HOW UNSANITARY!!"  I'm not one to drink after other people, but I've never sat and thought about how unsanitary it is to give my half-eaten food to the poor.  It's always been my philosophy that if you're starving, some food is better than no food, and for the people in the streets, its what they have come to live by.

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lahj said...

Hey Karen!
I just got your newsletter today! I was just talking about you to Megan wondering how things were going for you in Honduras. I love your grandfather's perspective...maybe you can save some food up for the poor people that didn't touch your mouth :) I hope you're doing well and enjoying your time with your American family before heading back.