Thursday, July 29, 2010

Culture Shock

I wouldn't say I go through culture shock when I come back to the States- but there are a few differences that I notice.

1.  Americans are very tall people.  I just can't stop commenting about how tall everyone is around me!  I know I'm a short person.  5 foot and 0 inches.  But in Honduras, everyone is about my height so I see just about everyone eye to eye.  Not here!

2. Houses are open. By open I mean, not fenced in.  In Honduras each house has a cement wall around it, with barbed wire, an electric fence, or broken glass on the top of the wall.  Each time I take walks with my parents around our neighborhood, I can't believe how open the houses are!  I could just break a window and easily enter.

3. Tinted windows.  When I am driving in the car here, everyone can see me.  When I ride in the car in Honduras, the windows are tinted so dark that you can barley see in.  It feels so weird to have people looking at me in the car, and be able to look at people and everything inside their vehicle!

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