Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We moved!

Saturday was moving day for my roommates and I.  Are you surprised?  Do you feel like this came from no where?  Well it did.  It was just as much a surprise to me as it is to you!  I found out on Thursday that I would be moving on Sunday.  Then on Saturday morning I found out that we had to be out by Saturday night!! 

We moved to the apartment below us which is much more spacious.  2 guys moved in to the apartment above us.  They came from out of town and are starting new jobs here in San Pedro Sula, so they needed to be moved in this weekend.  The people below us have been wanting to leave for awhile because they are trying to save money for a house and have been looking for a cheaper apartment to save up.  When these 2 guys showed up, the landlord told everyone they had to move asap so he that he could still have renters in the apartment.  Which meant we had to move out so they could move in. 

Our friends below us finished moving everything out at 2pm, right when it started to rain.  So us 4 girls moved all of our stuff out in a downpour.  At least it was just from one floor to the next, but still, its a lot of work to move everything you own!! 

We all worked until we couldn't move- I was up until 2:30 moving, and my roommate Dinora until 4:30.  (The other 2 girls passed out around 1!)  

We really like the new apartment.  It still only has 2 bedrooms and I am still sharing a room with Marina.  However, we don't need the bunk beds anymore which is really nice for me!  I hated climbing up every night after a long day!!

The down side to this new apartment is that there is no hot water. We are trying to pressure the landlord to install it for us, because since we had it upstairs we know it's possible to have it downstairs.  

My roommates have fallen in love with the guys upstairs.  The girls I live with are 28, 30 and 33.  All ready to fall in love and settle down, so every guy they meet is a possibility.  These guys have definitely spiced up our house!!! .  We have named them Marina's boyfriend and the fat one. We'll see if anything happens here!!!

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