Monday, May 17, 2010

Missions Day

Missions Day was a great success.  As you can see from the pictures below we put a lot of work into this event.  Our 6th graders learned "Lord You are Good" in Portuguese and then prayed in Portuguese for the nation of Brazil.  Here they are praying. 

After the presentation was over we all went over to the school to eat.  Each country was represented by a stand, and information about the country.  Each country also sold a typical meal from that country.  We served Feijuada, the national dish of Brazil, which is like a non-spicy chile with 5 different types of meat and black beans. 

Unfortunately our plate was not a hit, and of the 200 plates that we came prepared to sell, we only sold 38.  So, we did what the Bible says to do!  We piled a bunch of the 6th graders into 2 cars and drove to the poor neighborhood and passed out the food.  Can you believe that some of the kids had never been to the poor neighborhoods. 

Some of the houses there don't have doors, just a space to enter.  One girl walked right into the house and announced, "Here! We brought beans for you guys!"

We passed out around a hundred plates to children and families living in the poor area, or 'bordo" as it's called here.  It was special to see some of my wildest students serving others.

Its hard to believe that all that we worked for was over in just a few short hours.  We made a lot of money for our school, learned about countries of the world, helped our kids get a heart for the nations, and served food to the poor.  Missions day was a great success!


MMcNerney said...

I am incredibly impressed with all of the work that your students have done for the event. Your effort (and that of the kids) is very evident. Lots of creativity as well. Excelente!!


Anonymous said...

Wow. What a great way for the children to learn the heart of God. Great job. Love you. Mrs McWhorter