Monday, April 12, 2010

We're going to build houses in math?

Math class last Friday:

Me:  We are getting ready to start the basics of Algebra, so it's really important that you pay attention today to have a strong foundation.

Student 1: What does foundation mean?

Me: Foundation is like when you are building a house you have to put down cement so the house has something to stand on.  The cement is the foundation.

Student 1: So we're going to be building houses?

Me: No, thats just my example for you to understand the word foundation.

Student 2: When are we going to build the houses?

Me: We're not building houses.

Student 3:  How many points will it cost?

Student 2:  What class are we building the houses for?

Me: We're not building houses!  I was just explaining the word foundation!

Student 4:  I don't understand what we're doing- we're going to build houses in math?

We've gotta work on these listening skills!


Heidi said...

How funny!! Love it. Good luck with those kiddos.

Molly said...

Jill and I were nearly in tears laughing so hard! I feel like this is how it goes for me all the time! No one follows the right train of thought!