Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break

Well as you can see from these pictures we had a really great time!! Everyone arrived on Wednesday, and we woke up at 4 in the morning on Thursday to head to La Ceiba.  To get to Roatan you have to take a 2 hour ferry from Ceiba, and Ceiba is about 3 hours from San Pedro Sula.  My friend Sarah and her husband Farid took us to to the ferry.  We were glad they took us because we almost didn't make it on the ferry!  Tickets were already sold out for the 9:30 ferry and we would not be able to make it until the 4:30pm ferry.  However, God's favor was on us and at the very last minute they let us get on the boat!  We found out later that Farid had told the guy in charge that we were a missionary family and so they thought that my dad was a pastor!  Of course they had to let the pastor board!!!

The water in Roatan is as clear as a swimming pool!  We took our snorkeling gear and went snorkeling on the coast.  The reef in Roatan is the second largest coal reef in the world, after Australia.  It was cool to swim with the fish and look at all the coral.  

The next fun thing we did was go on the canopy tour!  We swung through the jungle from the top of the the island onto the beach like monkeys.  There were 18 platforms and we really had a blast on the ziplines! We were the only ones there so we took our time and found giant lizards, took pictures and swung at our own pace.

At the end of the canopy tour we landed on the beach and went to the national park.  There were monkeys and toucans and iguanas and everything else found in the jungle!  These monkeys jumped all over are the 4 of us with the monkey on my dad!

We left Roatan Sunday morning and got back to San Pedro in the afternoon.  We went to the Easter service on Sunday night (they have a night service so people who travelled can take their time coming back) which was really powerful.  They did a drama of Jesus' death and resurrection.  There were a lot of people who accepted Christ, including the person who portrayed Jesus entire family.

My family left Monday wasn't as sad as it usually is, I think because I'm in my environment here, and I'm not the one leaving! We really had a great time (I think I've said the same thing like 5 times!) and I can't wait for them to come and vacation again!

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