Saturday, April 24, 2010

Really, really hot

Have you noticed the rainbow thing on the right side of my page?  I added the time/temp feature so you all could see how hot it is here.  Right now it says it's 104F.  Its accurate, I've checked it with  It actually feels hotter than that.  The only comfortable place to be with weather like this is in a pool. 

 I gave the pool that I bought last year to my friend Kellee, which has worked out for me so far.  Every Saturday I go to her house and float around and cool off in the afternoon.  But today there is a wedding, which means no pool day.  Which means I just hang out at my house and sweat.  I'm not complaining.  Just telling you the facts.  I could sit in my room with the air conditioning on, but then I would just be sitting there doing nothing.  I'd rather be typing and sweating.  

On Tuesday the air conditioning was not working in my class, which was pretty miserable.  Thank goodness most 6th graders have formed the habit of wearing deodorant.  It's not like my 5th graders last year that by the end of the year needed it, but would forget to put it on because they hadn't formed the habit.  We all were pretty grouchy by the end of school on Tuesday.  Sweating for 7 hours in a classroom made everyone a little edgy.  We became a lot more grateful for the air conditioning.  

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