Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Missions Day

Every year at Agape we have a missions day, where each grade is assigned a country to represent.  The country is represented through a presentation, and a booth where typical food from that nation is sold.  The whole purpose of missions day is to learn about countries of the world, and get God's heart for the nation.  6th grade is representing Brazil.  We are very excited, especially since we have to learn a song in Portuguese and Spanish is very similar! The song we'll be singing is "Lord You are Good" by Israel Houghton.  In Portuguese its called "Senhor tu es bom"  Click on the link and learn it with us :)  We are also in contact with Paul Hrubik, a missionary working in Brazil. 

Missions day is May 15th so we have a lot of time to get everything ready, but I have a feeling that time will start to fly soon!

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