Friday, April 23, 2010

Dr. Barclay

This past week the pastor of my pastors here, Dr. Barclay (from Michigan) was here.  We had 2 afternoon sessions and 3 night sessions with him, and wow were they powerful.  Dr. Barclay is a true man and prophet of God and really brings order and a fresh world from God every time he comes.

He said something on Monday night that really got to me- He said that it was his dream to travel and preach and pastor, but there came a point when he stopped enjoying it.  He said that one day the Lord spoke to him and told him not to let the devil steal his joy- he was living his why wasn't he enjoying it?  He challenged us to not let the devil steal our dream by stealing the joy out of it.

You know that is year has been a little rough for me as a teacher.  It was my dream to become a missionary teacher.  While I was at A&M I almost dropped out like, 5 times because I wanted to do my dream.  I didn't want to study about it- I wanted to do it!!  

But here I am and little by little I am starting to like being a teacher less and less.  I have been letting the devil steal my joy and part of my dream.  But not anymore!!  I am going to chose to love it again and to not let the things my students to bother me.  Now that my eyes are opened and I see how I have let the enemy subtly take something from me, I am going to claim it back and love living my dream!!

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