Friday, April 9, 2010

6 weeks

6 weeks left of 6th grade! 

It seems hard to believe that this school year is almost over!  6th graders end their year early due to graduation.  One of the benefits of being a 6th grade teacher =)   My class has had wonderful behavior since spring break!  I can't believe how good they have been.  Its almost like they matured over the week they didn't come!!  Whatever it is, it is really working for me!!  

My class is also growing up in height and the majority of them are as tall or taller than me.  They've suggested that I wear a hat with a flag so they can find me more easily in the classroom and outside.  Yesterday it worked to my advantage.  I couldn't wait until my break to use the bathroom, and so I made sure no one was looking at me and quickly ran out the door, down the steps and to the bathroom.  I was back in under 2 minutes, and the class didn't even realize I left!!  I was shocked when they were still quietly working!  

I am determined to end this year on a good note!  

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