Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Youth Encounter

Have you ever seen teenagers totally full of the Holy Spirit?  I saw it this weekend.  80 teenagers 13-16 went to the Encounter and 80 teenagers saw the glory of God and were transformed.  

This Encounter was way different from the one I served at a few weeks ago.  It was different because the majority of these girls have grown up in the church and have been in the presence of God often.  Many go to a Christian school and are ministered to on a daily basis.  

One girl's testimony really summed it up.  

She shared, "I have known Jesus my whole life.  I fought to go to the Encounter because I thought I would know everything, and I thought my life was right.  But I was wrong.  I didn't know even half of the price Jesus paid for me, and the devil had my mind very deceived.  I thought I was walking right with God because I wasn't in any kind of major sin.  But God is HOLY and we have to be holy walking with him.  I am a completely different person.  The Maria that left on the bus is not the same one standing in front of you right now.  I have been transformed by the power and presence of God."  

Keep in mind, this is a 14 year old.  

I, personally, felt the presence of God like never before.  God is so real.  So, so real.  And when Jesus went back to Heaven the Holy Spirit came to the Earth.  I think so often we forget that the Holy Spirit is GOD ALMIGHTY on the the Earth!!  I used to think, "Man, I wish I lived in Jesus' time because it would be so much easier to follow him- he'd be right in front of me to follow!"  But we do have God in front of us to follow- God the Spirit is just as much God as God the Father and the Son!  And when we call upon his name and ask him to fill us, he will!  He is our helper!  He gives us power!  

It wasn't just the 80 girls that got changed forever.  I have been changed as well.  I am constantly learning what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and what it means to be led by the Spirit of God.  

One of the most exciting things about the Encounter was what happened afterwords.  We always have a big welcoming at the church for those who went.  The girls give testimonies and at the end of the night there is an alter call for those who have never made a decision to follow Jesus to give their lives to him.  At the alter call I saw 2 sisters run up to their Dad, and guess what?  The dad went forward and gave his life to Jesus for the first time.  The mom and girls have been prayer for years for his salvation, and the transformation of the 2 girls brought salvation to the family.  Wow, God is so good. 

No more Encounters for me for awhile now. Now it's the men and women's turn!  In 3 weeks it's my spring break, so now I have my family coming to look forward to!! :)

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