Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Garlic Feet

My students have spent this last quarter researching countries going to the World Cup and doing a paper on the country.  Here is one of my student's introductions to her paper:

In the religion of Cameroon there is a believing that if you play soccer it may help you.  Well, they think that if you rub your feet with garlic before playing your soccer game it will bring you good luck.  I honestly think it doesn't work.  But each country has their own believing ad they have their right.  I personally tried it in a soccer game.  And guess what happened.  We lost like 5 to 0.  So personally think that it doesn't work, but I think for the people in Cameroon it does because they are participating in the World Cup and they classified with 45 goals of their best player.

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MMcNerney said...

better on her feet than on her breath!