Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Eggs- Honduran style

I'M ON SPRING BREAK!  Yeah, I'm very happy.  Probably just as happy as the kids, not because I don't love to be a teacher, but I love being on vacation. My family will be here in 5 days and we will be on an island in 6.  Today ended not so great, as the kids participated in my least favorite tradition here- smashing confetti filled eggs on people's heads.  Now think about it- a student allowed to smash something on their teacher's head....they're going to take advantage.  Especially my 6th graders.

My class cleaned the room and as a reward and because we were done with all of our tests, I took them outside for the remaining 30 minutes.  The 3rd graders had gone on their Easter egg hunt and collected their confetti filled eggs.  The 3rd graders will give anything to the 6th graders- and they gave them their eggs.  The first egg smashed on my head was pretty funny.  It hurt a little, but not too bad.  We laughed, I was full of the confetti and I thought that would be it.

But then along came Jafet.  He looks little for a 6th grader, but today I learned how powerful he can be.  He smashed the egg on my head with all of his might (yeah, even as I write this I'm thinking about how ridiculous this tradition is..) and it was like an instant headache.  Instantly this horrible pain came over my head and tears started running down my face.  I still have a headache, and I am shocked that it hurt that bad.  It felt like a rock. A huge rock.  Not to be over the top, but I wondered if people can get a concussion from that.

Jafet felt really bad- and I know it was not his intention to hurt me.  Hit, but not hurt.  My friend Stephanie (the 3rd grade teacher) has a gash on her forehead because her head was busy with eggs being smashed, and so her student went for the face. ( I'm telling you this is brutal!) She suggested that next year we use helmets.

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Wahooooooo! Get ready for the full moon!!! :)