Thursday, February 25, 2010

Freaky Wind

Last night was a very weird night here in San Pedro Sula.  A cold front came in and caused a huge wind storm.  At first it was just windy, but then it the winds started blowing really strongly.  We thought that a tornado was in the area and spent a good part of the evening in a car in the basement of the apartment complex.  Winds uprooted trees and tore down billboards. 

Right in front of out apartment a tree fell and took down all of the power lines with it.  (Thank goodness my roommates moved their cars, or they would have been totally smashed!) A friend who lives across the street had a tree fall on the wall around their house and completly demolish the cement wall.  Yeah, it was a very weird night.  The electricity was out from about 7pm to 3am. 

Today at school the lights went out in the morning, and we all recieved a huge blessing from God- we got to go home early.  We sent out massive text messages that school was out at 10am and every child was gone by 11.  It was amazing.  Since I am going to the Encounter this weekend I won't have my Saturday off to do laundry and get ready for the next week- thats why today was especially a gift!  I got everything I needed to get done, plus a nap!  All thanks to that freaky wind!

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