Monday, February 8, 2010

Boys Youth Encounter

Saturday came and went, as did Sunday.  I did get to sleep in until 12 on Saturday, but after I got out of bed I feel like I haven't stopped!  The boys from the youth group were at the Encounter at a retreat center we have about 30 mintues from us.  We call it the Encounter house.  Because I serve in the youth group ministry I was on call and ran errands nonstop until the boys came back Sunday night.  We had a huge welcoming party to recieve them back, changed and transformed, and they gave testamonies about what God had done in them.  Many of them shared powerful testamones of how they have decided to live once and for all for God, how they were healed of painful family situations, and how they were filled with the Holy Spirit in a real, tangible way.  I have great expectation for this week's young adults women's encounter.  To be honest, I am quite nervous because I am going to minister, but after last night I had a great peace in me.  To see the young men come back totally changed and on fire for God was not the work of man, but God alone.  And it gave me this peace to know that all I have to do is go willing to be used and God will do the work- not me.  

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