Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Worst Punishment Ever

One of the other American missionaries is a 3rd grade teacher at Agape.  We share a lot of ideas and we both use a lot of the same materials.  In classes like math and spelling we use student white boards, so that every student will have the chance to answer and participate.  Stephanie, however doesn't have enough white boards for her 32 students, and send kids to get a couple of my white boards.  My class has a reputation of being mean to younger students, and they often heckel the 3rd graders that come in to get the boards.  It is a daily battle in my class to teaching my my students respect and to be kind to one another.  Anyways, Stephanie has a student, "Joe" in her class that has been having a very disrespectful attitude and she hadn't found a consequence that meant something to him.  Until yesterday.  In her class, she makes her students clean the classroom as a consequence.  But for her little Joe, she decided that the worst punishment would be for him to clean my class while my 6th graders were in there.  She shared with me that as she anounced where everyone would be cleaning, she said "And Joe, I am so sorry that we have gotten to this severe level, but you will be cleaning Miss McNerney's room. " The rest of her third graders gasped and looked at her wide-eyed.  He shrugged his shoulders and acted as if it was no big deal.  Today during lunch, when his consequence was served he walked to my door with Stephanie and started crying.  "No, please! Don't make me go in there! I'll do anything else, please! Anywhere but there!"  He was so scared and crying so hard, that he never made it in the door.  Instead he went to one of the 5th grade classes to clean.  Wow, I had no idea that my class was so intimdating!  Sure, I have my issues with them, but I live with my students day in and day out and I truly love the kids who are with me.  At least Stephanie has found a breakthough and a punishment that will shape up any kid! 


Jim McNerney said...

Keep up the good work- DAD

Molly said...

Wow, I wish I had some place to send my kids like your room!!!