Friday, January 22, 2010

This Weekend

Tomorrow we have a leadership retreat from 8 in the morning until 10 at night.  I'm excited because I did not go to the last leadership retreat a year ago- I was doing childcare.  But this year I get to go and and I'm expecting to learn a lot and for God to move on us!  In 2 weeks we are having our youth group Encounter.  We call them encounters because our retreats aren't just classes that you take in a place outside of the city- they really are encounters with God.  Last night I preached in the youth group here in San Pedro Sula.  It was an incredible service- both for me and for them!  I felt so sure of the message that I was preaching that I wasn't nervous at all.  It's the first time that has happened to me.  But I knew that the word that I was speaking was a message that God had given me for them so I could flow and not be nervous if I was doing right.  Just 1 week ago when the pastor prayed for me he said that I could do all things I was called to do because the Holy Spirit is real and alive in me.  And if God is in me, what can't I do?! 

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MMcNerney said...

Hey Karen,

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