Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Prayer and Fasting

This week our church body has been in a time of prayer and fasting.  It's cool because it is something that the whole church is doing and so while I'm connecting with God, I'm also very connected to the church body since we're all in this together.  Every night we have a had a prayer service that has lasted 2-3 hours, and the presence of God has come in powerful ways.  I feel like I am truly preparing myself for this upcoming year.  Last night Pastor Banegas called up all of those who work with the youth group and prayed for us.  When he prayed over me he gave me a word that I am not to small to do what I am doing- God is the one in me doing the work and so I can do anything.  It was so refreshing to hear, since oftentimes I feel very insecure about my position as a leader in the ministry.  The prayer and fasting continues until Sunday with prayer services nightly.

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