Saturday, January 2, 2010

On the road again!

Well, today I finally got warm!  I stepped off the plane to Honduras and breathed in 80 degree weather- a big change from the 11 degree Ohio weather I left!!  My roommate Marina picked me up, and after sleeping only 2 hours last night, we have been talking nonstop and my adrenaline has kept my mouth running.   I did have an expensive mishap at the airport today.  Last night I check in online, and then this morning only had to drop of my luggage.  But at the counter I was told that I had to show proof of a return ticket.  Well the first time I went down to Honduras I went on a one way ticket, so the rest of my tickets have been purchased leaving to the US and returning to Honduras.  They were not going to let me board the flight without my proof of return and made me buy a return ticket there on the spot.  Guess how much.  You might want to sit down for this number.  $650.  Thankfully my dad was there and he put it on his card.  (Thanks again, Dad!)  However, we are hoping to get a refund since there was absolutly no warning.   Hopefully it will all work out that we get the money back, and for next time I will hopefully be a resident of Honduras!

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