Friday, January 1, 2010

It's 2010!

Can you believe it's really 2010? I'm going back to Honduras tomorrow (Saturday) and I am ready for a great year! I spent last night with my family, first going out to Olive Garden and then watching the big ball drop on TV at home. When we got home from the restaurant and pulled into the garage it sounded like someone had already gotten the party started! There was loud blaring music coming from some house on our block, and was so loud that it was literally shaking the walls of our house. All of us wondered to ourselves where the party was at. My dad opened the door to our house and lo and behold the party was at OUR house! Who was having the party? Ellie, our dog. When we lock her in the cage to leave the house we always turn on the radio so she stays calm. Somehow the radio had turned itself up to maximum and Ellie was rocking out. What a party animal!

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