Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Exam Week

Exam weeks are my easiest weeks of the school year.  We have them after after quarter and they are 30% of the final grade.  We leave at 11:00am, and normally we leave school at 1:50.  There is extra grading involved, but it is almost enjoyable because I don't have to plan or deal with behavior issues.  Today the directors went around to check our classroom set up in case a strong earthquake happens during school.  My classroom has tons of windows and I am now not allowed to have anyone sitting too close the the windows because they can easily shatter.  Last night there was another earthquake.  I was about to fall asleep when I heard a the windows start to rattle and the wood of my bed start to creak.  I jumped down from the top bunk to the floor with world record speed, but the tremor had stopped by the time I was down.  Marina and I huddled together in her bed until we prayed and decided that there wouldn't be anymore shaking. 

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