Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I've always been good at math.  Well except for 7th grade when Algebra was first introduced to me.  But when I finally got it, I got it.  I think I enjoy math and am good at it because I had great teachers that explained things well.  (Except for that 7th grade year!)  I'm frequently asked by students and parents to give math tutoring before tests, and have started giving it once a week. Last week I tutored once for the math exam and told the kids I would not be tutoring this week.  Other teachers have been tutoring the 6th graders, but since it's a higher level math then they are used to, I have been teaching the teachers how to do problems so that they could explain it to the students. (Maybe I should have just done the tutoring myself!) Shelsea, one of my 5th graders from last year who is in a different 6th grade section came to me after her tutoring session and told me, "Even the other teachers come to ask you math questions.  You're like the teacher-calculator!"

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