Thursday, December 17, 2009

Busy December!

After talking with my parents last night I've realized something about my blogging- the less activity going on around me, the more I blog. Which says that in this last month I have been on the go, go, go! In Agape we have been practicing for the Christmas program, which was today. It went extremely well. However all the practices at school meant no planning periods for for the past 4 weeks all of the grading and planning has been done outside of school instead of inside.

We had our last youth group service last Thursday. We had a theme night, "Night of Stars." Everyone got really dressed up, and we gave "star" awards for improvement and Christ like character. We talked about how in our world of idols and stars, the one we follow and want to be like is Jesus. It was a really fun night and a great way to spend the last service of the year!

I am getting on a plane to Troy, Ohio on Saturday, and I am very excited to finally be going home. 5 months away from home seems to go by quickly, but now I feel like I couldn't be home soon enough!

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