Friday, November 27, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving a day late! My day started out a little sad, because I am "the day of" kind of person and the missionaries decided to have the Thanksgiving celebration on Friday instead of Thursday. So I woke up and watched the Macy's Day Parade, and talked to my parents, and cried a little, and in my pity party for myself I ate half of an apple pie that a fellow teacher had given to me. When my roommates woke up (at 1) they said, "Hey Karen, we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving TODAY with just us! We'll get chicken instead of turkey, and we already have a pie!" About that pie.... haha. We ended up having a very special time in our house cooking together and eating. God has really blessed me with great friends and roommates here.

I am writing from Copan. Marina decided to come to Copan to visit her family since this is a long weekend, and her sister Karla, votes here. As you well know this is election year in Honduras, and everyone will be voting this Sunday. People vote in the city where they got their national id (to us it's like your first driver's license) so most people have to travel to vote. Please pray for this nation as this Sunday they will be electing their new president. Pray that there is peace in the streets, and justice in the elections. I have my computer and good Internet here in Copan, so I will let you all know how things go.

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