Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lots of updates, and turtle eggs

1. I haven't had internet at my house for the past 2 weeks, and still don't have internet. I am writing from the school. Sorry for not updating.

2. I went to Guatemala to renew my tourist visa this past weekend but was denied. I have 3 weeks now to go to Belize by boat before I'm living illegally in Honduras.

3. Things in the country seem a lot more normal now, but there is always talk of what might happen. There has not been a curfew since the last time I wrote about it.

4. This video was taken on the road to Guatemala. Inside those white cups are 2 raw turtle eggs soaking in hot sauce. They absolutely disgusting. It's worth watching the video to the end. The 2 people in the video are my roommate Marina and friend Pamela. Pamela spent the rest of the trip puking out the window.



Anonymous said...

You are right, the best part is definitely the end. That egg was rocket propelled!


Anonymous said...

Nasty Karen.



Anonymous said...

Disgusto- Rachel!

Anonymous said...

O'Lord!!.... man... i felt sick again watching that video :(
Why on earth did we do that? what were we thinking?...That was such a fun trip, we need to do that more often!! Wonder what else we could try?!
** Pamela **

Anonymous said...

jajajajaja...."solo un poquito de Salsa y se lo hecha todooo..." asi dijo la seƱora... y hasta los ojos se les salian de vomitar-... jejejeje esto es tan Chistoso... necesitamos verlo x facebook.. jejejeje

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