Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Classroom Management Plan

Things are feeling a lot more normal here, although rumors are still flying about what could happen. We went to school Friday, Monday and we're planning on going tomorrow. As you know from my previous blogs, my class is a bit challenging. I think just about every hyperactive child in 6th grade has a seat in my class. My biggest issue has been getting them to settle down, and listen as I teach. Well I found the solution: The Vulcan.

When I make the sign, they make the sign, and they are instantly quiet. It's quite the phenomenon. We'll see how long Star Trek lasts with them, but so far it's going well!


Anonymous said...

Go Karen!

Anonymous said...

Live long and prosper!-Dad (comment #1 by Mom)

Anonymous said...

So I'm really curious for what gesture you will need when the Vulcan gets old...Vulcan mind meld, Jedi Mind Trick hehehe

and from M. clap clap clapclapclap

Anonymous said...