Thursday, August 13, 2009

Almost there...

Welcome to my exciting life. I am supposed to be in Honduras now, but I'm not. My flight last night was cancelled and so I stayed the night in Houston. They put me on a standby flight at 9am which was full, so I didn't go. The good news is that my good friend from college, Nicole, lives close to the airport and so I was able to visit with her all day. It was like a bonus day on my trip home :) Its 6:20 and I'm at the airport again. Hopefully 3rd times the charm and I'll be in Honduras in just a few hours.

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MMcNerney said...

Hey Karen,
Sorry I missed you earlier! Hopefully you got there safely-- soo good to talk to/be with you this break. Good news, my internship was extended for 8 more weeks so maybe I'll have enough money to visit you soon :)
Love you muchisimo,