Thursday, August 6, 2009

My plane almost left without me

I realized that I never blogged about my adventure to the airport before I came home! I live about 30 minutes from the airport, and my flight was at 7am. I set my alarm for 4:00, so that I could leave by 4:30 and get there at 5:00. Great plan, right? I never heard my alarm go off.

I woke up and saw sunlight through the window and frantically reached for my phone to see what time it was. It was 5:45. I screamed for Marina to wake up (she was taking me to the airport). She hopped out of bed and we took my suitcases downstairs and started leaving. It was now 5:50.

Once we got to the gate of our apartment, we realized that we had a flat tire. My reaction was to keep on going with it flat, but Marina was logical and said no way. After a quick (very quick) brainstorm of how to get to the airport, I ran back to the apartment building and went to a friend's place that has an SUV. I was knocking on her door and calling at the same time. When she answered I explained my problem and she came to the door and gave me the keys. I ran downstairs and we transferred my suitcases to the new car, and took off. It was now 6:00.

Because Millie's car did not have gas we had to go the slow way to get gas. As we were flying to the airport, I prayed for the favor of God the whole way. Marina dropped me off at the door (but parked just in case) and I ran to the ticket counter. There was agent at the counter, just a couple of maintinance men. I asked them to find a Continental agent, in fact I even begged, but they didn't move. They kept telling me I had missed my flight, and that it wasn't their job to call agents. I moved down the line and asked a Taca agent if he could call for a Continental agent. He was more than happy. Now it was 6:30.

The Continental agent would not check me in because she said I had missed my flight. I told her I had NOT missed my flight because the plane was not there yet. After some more begging and pleading, she checked me in. I raced to go pay my exit tax, and then cut the line through security. As my stuff was on the scanner in security I heard " Passenger McNerney, this is your final boarding call." I grabbed my stuff, and ran to the gate with my shoes in my arms.

I ended up making the plane, and...get this...the flight actually left 10 minutes EARLY and we were in the air at 6:50. The favor of God was definitely on my side!!

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Tiberio said...

Wow, you were very fortunate :)