Sunday, August 16, 2009

I have jumped back in right were I left off, and am just loving it. On Friday I went to Negrito with the team, and my how it has grown! There were 28 teenagers and we were at our maximum capacity in that room! It was a great service, though, and it was really great seeing all of the teens again.

On Saturday I got to do the thing I love most- spend time at the beach! I went with my friend Argery and her family, which was nice because I felt like I was part of their family. Argery's dad is the leader of the Negrito ministry, so I have gotten to know the family well over the past few months. The beach was absolutely amazing. It was beautiful with clear water, white sand, big waves and gorgeous palm trees around us. We had so much fun in the water, that before I knew it, I was burned. I look like a tomato even though I put on sunblock 3 separate times, but it's totally worth it to be able to go play in the waves for a day.

Teacher work days started today- I have the same classroom as last year which is nice because I have, more or less, an idea of how I will decorate it. Because I will be teaching 6th grade (promoted with my students, ha!) I've changed my theme from the ocean to travel. I have a banner in the front that says "Learning Takes You Places", and each subject will have a bulletin board with a different place represented. For example, the math bulletin board will have mountains, the reading corner will look like the ocean, etc. Once I get it finished I'll put pictures up, since now I do have a camera!! I stayed at school until 11 tonight decorating, and will be back at 8 tomorrow morning. Everything has to be finished by Wednesday afternoon, so there is lots of work to do!!


Andy Kavcsak said...

Karen, what percentage of Sunblock did you use? Most now recommend at least a 50 or higher sun block because of the increased intensity of the sun rays. :)

Anonymous said...

A taste of your own medicine... welcome to my life! :) Miss you.

Karen said...

I used 30- apparently not strong enough! I´ll look for better sunblock for the next time that I go!