Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back for the summer

Wow, it really is so hard to update my blog when I'm home! I have been in the States since July 12th, but home in Ohio since the 17th. I have really had a great time visiting with people and being at home with my parents. It's funny, because after living in a modern city I feel like I am very "up with the times," but after going to my friend's wedding and talking with old friends from high school, I really did feel like I live behind everyone! Twitter? Totally new to me. Movies clue.

Probably the best thing about being home is that I can wear shorts and flip flops. It is not in the Honduran culture to wear shorts. They just don't wear them, period. And flip flops just don't go with Honduran fashion. Hondurans (although they live in third world conditions) dress very, very nice. They are very fashionable people and wear high heels everywhere. It is very easy to spot an American because they will be the ones wearing jeans and a t-shirt...or flip flops. While I live there, I want to blend in, so I try my best to fit in with their fashion while still being me. But, while I'm home, it's shorts and flip flops :)

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