Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Please continue praying, and continue to understand that the news does not always portray the way things really are. There are 18 counts for his immediate arrest when we returns here to Honduras. Much of his corruption has been brought to the light since he has not been here. Today there was a picture on Fox News of Zeleya celebrating with Hugo Chavez and Raul Castro. I think that the picture alone shows his intentions and character.

NPR has done a great job reporting the truth that is happening here in Honduras. The majority of the people are for the new president and have held peaceful marches in the streets to show their approval of what happened.

Here in San Pedro, we have not seen a lot of what is going on in the capital. Tegucigalpa, which is in Southern Honduras, is the political capital and San Pedro Sula is the economic capital. I am safe here, not just because I'm in the north, but because my steps are ordered by the Lord.

I am highly confident that when the Lord led me to stay here in Honduras and not go to the YWAM school in Costa Rica, he knew what he was doing. If I would have gone with YWAM I would not be in Honduras at this exact time. I believe that the gospel of Jesus will be exalted in this time and that missionaries are needed in times like these more than ever. I am putting my full trust in God, that whatever may happen in these next few days, HE will be my refuge and take care of me.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Karen.
I have been watching and listening to the news very carefully here. I so appreciate your blog at this time. I feel like you are giving us the truth about what is going on and I do agree that NPR is giving a fair newscast. I have been listening to them and have gone on their website to get more info. I just hope that we in the US let the Honduran people decide what THEY need and not us. I truly hope that the new president can maintain control. I just don't understand how other countries can condemn this when the Congress and Supreme Court of Honduras have voted this guy out. I will be praying for your safety.

Rosemary Critchley