Sunday, July 12, 2009

Curfew trouble

On Friday, I went up to Negrito to minister to the youth as usual, despite the 11 PM curfew. We made a plan that if we left Negrito right at 9, we would get to San Pedro just in time. The police order is to arrest anyone on the streets or in a car after curfew, no matter their excuse for being out.

We had a powerful youth service where one boy gave his life to Christ. I taught from Galations 5:16, of how the spirit and the flesh battle against each other, and whatever you feed will win. If you feed your flesh, you will be dominated by your flesh, but if you feed your spirit, your spirit will dominate. The youth who come are very faithful and are hungry for God. I am glad that we went to Negrito, despite various circumstances that almost stopped us from going.

On the way back however, we had quite the adventure. We took 2 cars instead of 3 this time because one of the cars is no longer able to go. As we were driving the car that I was not in would not accelerate. Now remember, we had a time to be home at or else we would all be in jail. We left late... which was strike one.

The car would only go 30 miles an hour. Big time strike 2.

We had to pass through the city of Progresso to pick up Eric, a missionary from Kentucky who leads the worship band at the Progresso church. We were right at the toll road that leads into San Pedro when the other car stopped running.

It was 10:40, we were a good 30 minutes from my neighborhood, and we now had to pull the 2nd vehicle. I began freaking out. We saw as police started coming out and getting into position on the streets. I even saw an ambulance looking thing that is used to pile people in and take to jail! We made it to the neighborhood where Leslie, the one who ownes the broken car lives.

It was now 11:00. We were flying home. We saw police with their flashing lights, but we were flying. I was still freaking out because we were clearly breaking the law and there were only vacant streets.

I did not go to jail. I was home by 11:15 and we were not pulled over. Although, we did see cars being pulled over. God is always watching out for me and protecting me. I think what I was most nervous about was not actually going to jail, but having to tell my parents that I went to jail. Could you imagine?

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Anonymous said...

Karen - I can imagine getting a call from you from jail saying - Mom and Dad - I have a question? I'm glad I did not get the call though - DAD