Saturday, July 4, 2009

The reality of the coup

Here are some pictures from which is a national newspaper. It's in Spanish, but you will see the support of the Hondurans for the current government.
Today Honduras resigned from being part of the OAS. The OAS does not recognize that we have taken ourselves out because they say that those who took us out are not recognized as a legitimate government.
Supposedly Zeleya returned to Honduras last night. No one has seen him (remember there are 18 warrents out for his arrest), but the rumors fly that he is here. We do know that since he has been out of the country he has spent 80 thousand dollars of Honduran money using an international credit card. Sound corrupt to you? Us too. We continue to have curfews every night from 10pm to 5am.
Two nights ago a bomb was thrown into a large store, and sent it on fire. The people who threw it were caught and arrested. There were 6 Nicaraguans and 1 Cuban involved. Interesting, huh. Hondurans are a very peaceful people. That was virtually the only major act of violence committed here in San Pedro, and it was by people who aren´t even Honduran.
We have been praying and fasting in the church and we believe God is taking control of everything that is happening here in Honduras. Last night as a church we prayed Daniel 9, when Daniel prayed and asked for forgivness on behalf of his nation. It was very powerful. Join us in praying. Prayer is what will bring change and peace here.

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