Monday, June 1, 2009

This is the last week of school, and its a very weird week. There has been a lot of sickness, so much that last week I only had half of my class...11 out of the 22 were sick with high fevers. So, the department of health came to investigate our school to possibly shut us down. They decided that we could still have our final exams, but that it was best to be at school as short of time as possible. So this last week is Monday-Thursday, and the kids are only at school from 7-9. Even though the extra time will help me get all of my paperwork done quickly, I'm sad to not be able to enjoy the last few days with my kids! All work, no play.

The good news is that many of my students have made it into the 100 Book Club, so we will have a celebration at my house for those kids. Reading is not a big part of the Honduran culture, so I have really pushed my students to read and gave lots of incentives to read. One incentive was that for those students who read 100 books, they will be in my "100 Book Club." The benifits to being a member are bragging rights to say you've read 100 books, your name on a bulletin board in the classroom, first pick to new books that I bring, and the ultimate: a pizza party at my house.

It has taken the whole year for the majority of them to get to 100, but I have 12 kids who have read 100 books! It is very exciting, and this comming Monday will be the long awaited celebration.

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