Sunday, June 14, 2009

It pays to be nice

Ready for an incredible testamony about how God takes care of his own? This past week we have had conferences at our church. On Friday night I was already at the church and one of my roommates came to me and handed me my wallet. (I didn't even realize it was gone!) As she handed it to me she said, "Do you know where this was?" "No," I responded. "It was lying in the street by our house!!" Somewhere between my house and the car, it had fallen out of my purse. There is a lady that sweeps in our street, and she found my wallet, opened it up and saw my picture on my license. She knocked on our gate until Dinora came out and handed her my wallet saying, "This belongs to the girl who always says hi to me." Wow. God is so good to me. It could have been found by any other person that could have taken my identification, credit card, etc. For the amount of robbery that happens here, this is truly truly an act of God. He is so faithful.

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