Monday, June 29, 2009

I moved out, and the President was thrown out

Ok, first personal things, than whats going on in the country. Stay with me, I want you to know the view of the Honduran people.

I moved houses last week to a small apartment. Our neighbor was having wild parties, and we thought that it would be in our best interest to move. It is small, but we fit. Tania and Dinora share a room, and Marina and I share a room. I dont have internet yet, and that is why I have not updated in awhile. We should have internet tomorrow, but we are really not sure.

If you have been following the news, you have seen that a military coup took over Honduras and kicked Mel Zeleya, the current president out. THIS IS A GOOD THING! Weve read that none of the surrounding countries leaders are in agreement with what is happenening, but it is because they are ignorant to who Zeleya is and and the decisions he has made in this country. He signed the ALBA last year, which makes us allies with dictators, such as Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. He has taken the exact same steps that Chavez took, before he took over Venezuela. Zeleya more than doubled the minimum wage in January. He was about to have an illegal election to give him permission to make changes to the constitution. What change you ask? He wants to remain in power for another term and his term ends this year.

He has been paying poor people (which makes up 70% of the popluation) to participate in the election that was supposed to happen on Sunday, before he was thrown out of power. The news says that they are opposed to anything that is anti-democracy. The military intervention is for democrac. The people here are scared (and rightly so) that if Zeleya stays in power and keeps meeting with his closest friends Castro and Chavez, communism is the road we are headed down. Dont believe everything you see in the news. The majority of the Honduran people are overjoyed. This is a good thing. This is what the Honduran people want. They are moving toward democracy. Please continue praying for this nation.

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