Thursday, June 11, 2009

Karla is married!

KARLA IS MARRIED!! The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. Now there are just 4 of us living in the house instead of 5, and I really miss Karla! She and her husband Firaz will be living closeby, but after having lived with her for the past year and enjoyed her company so much, it is a big change for her not to be here. The wedding was like a royalty wedding, from the extravagant decorations, to chinese lanterns (kind of like hot air balloons) being sent off into the night sky.

Here are Karla and Firaz as they they leave the alter, finally married :)

These are all of Karla's bridesmaids! There were 15 of us!! The next picture is the whole wedding party.

The wedding was like a royalty wedding, from the extravogant decorations to the lanterns that were lit and sent off into the night sky.
The next morning we all enjoyed being in Copan. I went horseback riding and swimming at the hotel pool. The funny thing about horseback riding, was how honest our guide was. Because I'm not blonde, I don't stick out as an American. One of the girls we went with asked how much it would cost to ride. The guide said, "Well if you were Americans the very LEAST I would charge you would be 10 dollars....but since you're Honduras I'll let your ride for 5." I told him that I was an American, but that I wanted the Honduran price. He said yes, since I was with mostly locals. It was so funny to me that they admit that they rip Americans off!!

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