Friday, May 29, 2009

Well ever since the little shake yesterday I have not had internet in my sorry for the late update, but I wanted to let everyone know that I am doing fine. Yesterday morning at 2:30 I woke up to my roomate yelling KAREN, KAREN!!! The house was swaying back and forth and everything was rattling. It felt like it swayed for 10 minutes but it was only about a minute. We all were under the doorposts as it swayed. My roommates and I all sleep on the 2nd floor of our house, and I was sure that we were going to collapse to the ground. Thank God it felt worse than it actually was, and after the tremor stopped, we went outside to wait for the aftershock. The whole neighborhood was was like a block party at 3 in the morning, everyone meeting all the neighbors. We went back to bed around 4 after the tsunami alerts were cancelled. Throughout the rest of the day we felt tremors. At 8:30 during the church service there was a strong tremor which ended the service. I was at the youth group in a different building, but didn't feel anything. There are bridges down, houses cracked, and roofs that have fallen in, but all and all the grace of God was over Honduras yesterday and I am very thankful to be safe and sound.

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