Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We had an incredible time in Tulsa. Agape competed against 12 other schools, 4 others being international, and the rest being from the States. After our 55 high schoolers competed in every type of competition you can imagine (Track, Basketball, Cheerleading, Dance, Poetry, Art, Fashion Design, One Act Play, Puppets, Mime, Winter Guard, Preaching, Animated Story Telling, Volleyball, Monologue, Choir, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Tennis, Soccer, Expressive Reading, Math, Engineering Challenge, Academic Bowl.....wow I could go on forever)

I think we competed in almost every one of the 150 events that were offered. We are very proud of our school, and here is why....

1st place: International School (This won us a full tuition, 4 year scholarship to Oral Roberts University for 1 of our students)
2nd place: Best Overall School
1st place: Overall Academics
3rd place: Overall Fine Arts
3rd place: Overall Sports

Our kids were phenomenal in not only performances, but in their behavior. They were highly commended for the respectful and kind attitudes and I was really proud to be with them.

We had many hilarious moments throughout the week. Of course when you take such a large group of kids from their foreign country to yours, you find a lot to laugh about.

The kids had to turn in scores for the music they would be playing in the competition. Our bass player wrote two lines of music and then typed out: "The rest of the time I will be jamming according to my mood." Yes, folks. Those are his own words, and he really did turn that in!

Because our kids suffered a 40 degree temperature drop, they started getting sick. The Oral Roberts University committee thought that we brought Swine Flu with us, and started testing our kids. One of our boys tested positive for Type A Influenza, and was put in a quarantine room on campus. Now, this kid loves attention and was placed in a dorm room in the middle of campus, with a window to the world. So guess what he did all day....Sat in a chair in front of that window with his mask on, waiting for people to pass for the show to begin, and boy did he give a show!!! At first it was very frustrating to have to deal with the health people testing our kids for swine flu but at the end of the day when we couldn't do anything about what was going on, we decided to eat pork and have a good laugh at the whole situation.

My glorious moment with the cheerleaders came on Friday, when we performed our long awaited routine. Now, we practice outside, and had never done our routine on mats before. We also had never performed in front of an audience. They were amazing. They looked great, sounded great, hit every stunt, smiled, cheered and gave it their all. We proudly took home 4th place and everyone is excited about next year.

Wow what a week. Now only a week and a half left of class with my 5th graders. . .

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