Monday, February 9, 2009

This past weekend has been extremely busy but I feel so blessed. Pastors Jim and Sheree Hall from Minesota held a conference at our church that started Thursday night and ended on Sunday morning. In the night services they talked about more of Jesus in your life and during the afternoon services, leadership. They are really incredible people who boldy preach God's word.

The conference on Saturday night was about marriage, and since my small group leaders are married they asked me to lead the group. This made me really nervous, as there are lots of English speaking people in my group and I would be speaking in Spanish. For some reason I am really insecure in speaking Spanish with English speakers around. Usually the person in charge of all of the cell groups gives the topic/message what we will be studying. I was expecting to recieve it at 5 when the afternoon conference got out. But there was no message. I didn't get home until 6. And my cell group starts at 7. I started to freak out, but one of my roommates helped me get a grip and I prayed and God gave me a message to speak to them about. The irony is that I talked about not giving up. Just an hour before I was ready to throw in the towel and have my leaders ask someone else to do it! The teaching went well and people said that they could really relate to the message and how God spoke to them through it. Which is incredible for me because I talked so nervously fast, I wasn't even sure if my message was understandable. But praise God that he just needs us to depend on his strength and abilities and not our own!

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