Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am so impressed with a story that one of my students wrote, I want to share it with you. The prompt was to write an adventure story.

One day there was a lion that when he lied, colors appeared on his body. First he was sad because he didn't know how to stop lying. He lied to his mother of his good grade in math, and when he said it, different colors appeared. He lied to his teacher, his dad, his friends, and including God. One evening he was ready to sleep when he heard a voice calling him. It wasn't his mom or dad or even his brothers. It was God's voice calling to him. He was scared. God talked to him in a soft voice about how many lies he had told. The next morning he thought about what God told him and he thought, but he didn't obey. He continued lying and more colors appeared. He had red, black, yellow, green, purple, orange pink, blue and a lot of colors that no one knows the names of. He was embarrassed to go to school like that so he decided to say the truth and of every truth he said, the colors erased from him and he was beautiful again.

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