Monday, January 5, 2009

Well I am back in Honduras. I had 2 really smooth flights and was welcomed back here with open arms. School started today and it was wonderful to see my class. I really do love them. We took a class period to talk about what we did over Christmas break, and it is a tradition here to set of firecrackers the night of the 24th. The funny thing, is that when they asked how to say firecrackers in English, they only caught the word "crackers," so they kept on saying how they went out with their family and threw crackers to celebrate!! Ha!

The wonderful news that I have to share is that the 2 boys that were kidnapped on December 3rd were set free on Friday, January 2nd. After spending almost a complete month with very evil people, they are now free and and praising God for how He kept them safe and brought them home. They will be coming back to school on Wednesday and we will be throwing a huge celebration for their lives and the faithfulness of God to protect His children.

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