Sunday, January 11, 2009

My first week back went smoothly, although I feel like I've been back for much longer than a week because it has been so busy!! On Friday during my cheerleading practice, I found out that only 1 of the 16 people on my team can do a cartwheel!!! Talk about a shocker! I really am depending on the grace of God to get my team ready for the Tulsa competition in May!

On Friday my roommate's sister's dog had 6 puppies, and I was there to watch her give birth. It was absolutly incredible. I had never seen anything being born, and it was so incredible to see how the mom instantly knew how to take care of her babies and exactly what to do. The puppies came out one at a time, about every 30 minutes. Each came out in a sack of placenta, and the mom had to eat through the bag to get the baby out. It was pretty disgusting, but so cool. The puppies were smaller than my hand, probably about 4 inches in length. Hopefully this week I can go back to the house to see the puppies with their eyes open.

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Heidi said...

Hi Karen,
I am glad things are going so smoothly back in Honduras. I will keep you and your cheerleaders in my prayers.

Also, experiencing puppies being born sounds very exciting. Hope you are having a wonderful week.